Welcome to Excelsior : The Official Blog of Fatjon Kaja

As I journey into the mysteries of life, I often wonder where I fit in the larger scale of the universe. I do not have a definite answer; neither do I believe that one exists. Through my ordinary deeds and actions, I strive on my journey to find where I am meant to be.

As travelers in ancient times recorded their observations during their journeys, I intend to use this blog for the same purpose. I intend to narrate beyond the logging of dates and events, but rather offer coherent explanations. I will explore topics that spark my interest, with a particular focus on events related to politics, law, and economics.

I have decided to name my blog Excelsior, which is the official motto of the state of New York. The English translation of this motto is “ever upward.” Having lived in New York City for the last three years, I can personally endorse the motto as it represents New York perfectly. I believe New York inspires the uninspired with its rich history, offers amazing opportunities for eager individuals and provides a safe home for those who have a hard time identifying themselves anywhere else. As for the purpose of this blog, New York represents the cultural capital of the world, a leading power of politics through the presence of the United Nations Headquarters, a unique legal system that cannot be found anywhere else, and a global hub in business, commerce, and economics through Wall Street.

My posts on this blog will range in style from documentary to evocative, from entertaining to serious and from literary to journalistic. I cannot guarantee that my posts will give the seeker the answers he or she prefers; rather my views might be challenging to others. Nevertheless, I will listen to clashing opinions and comments, as I believe that they share the same goal as my posts: to educate, advise, and inspire.

Through this outlet, I wish to be heard and heard I shall be. I place myself here to reveal to the world who I really am…a dreamer.